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       Varga's Immigration Attorneys, PLLC is a   private   immigration   law   firm   established  in Miami,  Florida.  Our  entire  team   consists  of    immigrants,  who  went  through   the immigration process firsthand. We  represent  clients in any kind of immigration matter in all  50 states.
                                                        AREAS OF PRACTICE
                                                               Political Asylum
       Under U.S. immigration laws, asylum may be granted to foreigners who  are  already  in the USA and who can establish persecution or a well founded fear of persecution  in their home   countries  based  upon  their  political   opinion,  race,  religion,  nationality,   or membership   in  a   particular   social   group.   Approval    of  the   asylum   case  by   US immigration authorities permits the  asylee to  apply for  permanent  resident  status  in the USA after one year of the approval of the asylum case.   
       Immigration  Justice  Center, PLLC  offers  its  clients  representation in a wide range   of issues  related  to  political  asylum.  Our services  include  assistance with  filing the  initial  asylum  application,  representation  at  the  asylum interview,  and full representation during  asylum  hearings  at  immigration  court. If your case does not get approved by the  immigration  court,  we  can  also  assist  you in filing an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals.
                                              Immigration  Detention and Bond 
        Attorney Varga   represents  clients   in  a   wide  range  of  cases  involving  immigration detention    and   deportation.  If   you   or  your  loved   ones   experience   immigration detention by ICE,   call  our emergency hotline at 305 300 6093,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Immigration Attorney  Varga  always  personally  visits  his  clients at  the immigration   detention  facilities in Krome Service Processing Center, Broward Transitional Center and Glades County Detention Center.   We  can assist you in getting released based on the immigration bond.   By  being  released  from immigration  detention,   you have a much   higher chance of fighting your deportation.
         Green Card  Based on 10 year Physical Presence  / Deportation Defense  
        Did  you   know   that   US   Immigration   Law   provides,   that   people in deportation proceedings can apply for a green card in the USA  based on   10  years of  physical  presence in the USA and family ties  in  this  country?    The   Immigration   and   Nationality    Act provides,  that aliens placed in removal  proceedings   can   apply   for   cancellation   of  removal and for adjustment of status to permanent resident status  if  they have  lived  in the USA continuously for 10 years, if   they   have  a  US   citizen   or  lawful   permanent resident spouse or child,  if they can prove that their  deportation will  result in extreme and unusual hardship to their  relatives   and    if   they  were   persons   of   good   moral character in the past 10 years.  This applies to aliens  who  entered   the country  illegally without an inspection.  Attorney Varga  can  advise you  on  any  issue related to how to  fight the deportation.      
                                                     Family Based Green Cards
        If you plan to obtain your  green  card  based on  your  familial relationship   with   a   US Citizen or  lawful  permanent  resident  ( green card holder),  we've  got  you  covered.   Our services include  representation in K1  fiancee  visa  cases,  preparation  of  applications for a green card based on marriage to a US  Citizen,  representation  at the  marriage  interview  and filing of an appeal if your  marriage  interview  does  not  go  well  and  your  case  is denied.  If you have applied for a green card  based on marriage to a US Citizen a long time ago, and the USCIS has not made a decision  on your application,  we  can  assist  you   in urging the USCIS  to reach a decision in your case. 
                               Student,  Exchange Visitor and Tourist  Visas
       Immigration Attorney Matus Varga, Esq. assists  his  clients  with   cases   involving  J 1  exchange  visitor  visas as well   as  F1  student  visas,  B 1/B2   tourist   visas    and   their extensions. If you are  a J1 visa holder  subject  to a  two year  foreign  country  residency requirement,  we can assist you  in waiving  that  requirement  and  get  your  green  card without having to live in your country of nationality for two years.
                                                                 US Citizenship
       US immigration law allows green card holders to apply for US  Citizenship after  5  years of  a green card being granted, if additional requirements are  met.  If  you  are   currently married with a US  Citizen  with  whom you  have   obtained  your  green  card,  you  can apply for US  Citizenship  after  3 years,  instead  of  5  years.  The  great  importance  of   being a US Citizen is not only  the ability to apply for  a green card for your  relatives  in your home country, but also protection from  deportation.  Even  a  green  card  holder  can be deported for crimes  such  as  aggravated  DUI,  aggravated  assault  or  domestic violence.
                                                         Business / Investor Visas
       E-2 investor visas permit  nationals of designated countries  to enter  the  United  States in order to direct and develop a commercial enterprise or business in which  they have invested a substantial amount of money  or  capital.   This  visa  also  allows one to  acquire a green card in the USA if additional requirements are  met.   For  a list  of  E 2  visa  eligible countries, click here.
       Immigration Justice center, PLLC can also assist you in obtaining  a green card through an L1A visa. An L1A visa allows companies operating both in  the  US  and  abroad  to  transfer certain classes of employees from its foreign operations to the USA and  obtain  a  green card for them. 

*Attorney Matus Varga, Esq. is member of the New York Bar. His practice in Florida is limited to Immigration Law only.  Varga's Immigration Attorneys, PLLC is a private immigration law firm not affiliated in any way with the U.S. Government.